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A Better Functioning Practice.

To have success in medical practice management, it must be planned, implemented and managed to support your very unique goals and to account for any challenges specific to your practice.

Whether you run an established practice or are just starting up, the first step toward improvement is an extensive evaluation of your current situation. Our management team will perform an in-depth assessment of the financial and operational health of your organization. We review operations, cash flow, staffing, patient volume, workflow, technology in use and the client’s objectives and goals. We will then share our findings and a strategic plan designed to improve each area of the practice.

The relationship, and more importantly the trust, is formed and built through the processes and solutions we build. Each step of the way is communicated and transparent. Our proven solutions and the team we have implementing them, have helped our clients experience greater practice profits, increased patient satisfaction, improved employee morale, and reduced stress for the physician and staff.

Enjoy the benefits of all our services and see them come together in a unique and valuable tool we make available to our clients. The Web Based Practice Dashboard known as Crescent, aggregates key data and results of your practice. We encourage our clients to take advantage of all our services and allow us to be that one stop shop for all of your business solutions.  We also let our clients take advantage of just those services they need, à la carte services. Here are just a few to get you started:

Nexsys Consulting takes the load off your staff.

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A Web Based Practice Dashboard for practice performance and financial reporting

Crescent, our Online Client Dashboard, is simply amazing. There is really nothing like it. Crescent is a proprietary application that can pull in your Bookkeeping information via QuickBooks and pull in any Medical Billing key Benchmarks and at the same time pull in any Membership Revenue Management Data and present them all in one place. This essentially allows you to view and manage your practice from one screen and access it from a browser anywhere, and determine the health of your practice on a weekly and monthly basis. You no longer have to run a report in QuickBooks and combine that with a Billing report. Just login and view the dashboards.

Cash Flow Projections

This is one of our most important services and as expected, our most popular service. Our Bookkeeping teams will prepare for our clients a Bi-Weekly Cash Flow projection based on current bank balance, estimated practice obligations and bills, as well as expected revenue based on historical data. We present this to our clients and help them to be prepared for expected cash flow interruptions or payroll commitments. We play a vital role in helping to manage the practice and more importantly managing the cash flow.

Bill Pay/Accounts Payable

Our internal controller and bookkeepers will pay all bills from the online bank account of the client. All work performed is done at our office location. Client will have a separate bank account at the same bank where deposits are currently being held. Once a month the client “pushes” funds into an accounts payable and payroll account. This AP/Payroll bank account is used by Nexsys to pay all bills and pay all payrolls. Nexsys will have Bill Pay access only to this online banking site to manage these functions. All payrolls and all bill pay are completely transparent to client. All vendor bills are scanned in by client’s staff, signed off or initialed as “Ready to Pay” to be accessed and then paid by Nexsys, remotely.


Nexsys will set up an online payroll and process all paychecks and direct deposits for all of your employees. This also includes paying all payroll taxes and filing of state and federal forms for employer required reporting as well as handling any employee garnishment issues. Our internal controller and bookkeepers will perform the service under the direction of our CPA/Accountant and all work performed is done at our office location.

Employee Time Clock Compliance & Reporting to Client

Nexsys will help manage client’s employees sick days, vacation days and communicate concerns or items of interest to client and help to communicate Employees taking regular lunch breaks as required.

Nexsys will communicate any payroll issue with regards to client’s employees clocking in late, excessive tardiness or missed days. We are an extra set of eyes on your staff while our clients focus on the patients and we focus on compliance.

Experts in HINT Health and Membership Management

We are experts on managing the often difficult and tricky process of maintaining the membership revenue and ensuring that our clients are paid timely and that the process is seamless and consistent. We have an experienced staff of HINT Health technicians and we help and facilitate the set up process as well as the maintenance of process.

Marketing automation platform for your practice

Our team of Marketing Consultants can help you build a marketing platform and then assist in launching and maintaining that platform as you build your practice. We can help with content, newsletters and enable your practice to expand and grow through marketing. We can help provide analytics and truly measure the success of your marketing platform.

Website, Social Media development and management services

We provide marketing strategies, strategic content and graphics creation, We are also social marketing advisors, co-host/control room for podcasting and your personal marketing trainer. We have over 20 years of experience in helping you to build your brand and market it.

Supplement and Inventory Tracking solution.

Providing supplements to the patients in your practice can be a daunting undertaking. For those who underestimate the challenges, it can become a time consuming, frustrating and expensive burden, and one that could reflect negatively on their practice.

Keeping appropriate inventory levels on hand doesn’t seem too hard initially, but the challenges mount quickly. Order too little and your patients are frustrated when you are out of stock, or worse, they stop taking the products you recommend. Order too much and risk product expiration, high credit card fees and storage problems. Let us take the headaches and manage this process with the right solutions.

Background Checks for new hires

Nexsys offers a comprehensive menu of customized background screening solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Your practice should have the ability to hire confidently and cost-effectively. We provide access to experienced screening professionals and a nationwide network of criminal records data. The result: comprehensive, up-to-date information, delivered in an efficient, easy-to-read format. Understanding that each clinic has different needs, Nexsys provides customized packages that work for any budget.

Practice Workflow Analysis & Optimization

The biggest non-covered service you offer is “Time”. Nexsys will analyze and help design the optimal workflow to create best practices for workflow and reduce wasted time and unnecessary steps. The Nexsys team will help to build custom letters & forms to minimize any manual processes in the workflow. This may include clinical template modification and enhancements and increased automation in documenting common and routine visits.

EHR Selection, Customization, Support

Nexsys has over 17 years of EMR/EHR experience and we have installed, configured, trained and supported over 350 physician offices across the country. We bring knowledge, experience and expertise to this field and can impart those “Best Practices” in helping to navigate this choice. Many Private Medicine Practices consider leaving their old, Legacy EHR in favor of a Solution that is built for their newly converted Practice. We can help navigate these challenges and help you to explore Elation or MDHQ or any EHR that fits your practice.

IT/Network Support

Nexsys IT Division was formed in response to the growing need for Information Technology consultants within small and medium size Practices. As smaller practices strive to be more competitive in the market place, the systems that are often required grow in complexity requiring more IT administration than ever. Nexsys offers month-to-month network support so there is a single contact for IT needs.

By having Nexsys in charge of your network services you give the office staff a one-stop shop for network consulting questions and service. Our Network support plans help keep I.T. bills to a more manageable rate and guarantees a top service representative is on your side at all times. Along with our IT Support; we also offer other services such as Remote HIPAA Compliant Data Backups to a secure server.

Nexsys has developed a suite of IT solutions and technology to ensure that your infrastructure is operating at the highest level. With Nexsys in charge of your IT needs, you and your staff can do what you do best; focus on patients. The overall result is more productivity and greater financial savings.

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Medical Billing

Nexsys Functional Practice Management offers complete Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services including charge capture, electronic claims submissions, payment processing, corrected claim submissions and appeals, patient statements, accounts receivable follow-up and patient pre-collection activity.

Our state of the art Processes, Protocols and Workflow combined with technology and ongoing education and training ensure our clients succeed and are the top performing practices in the country.

Many Functional Medicine Practices (Concierge and Direct Primary Care) elect to move away from Medical Billing. We have found many who have taken this path often return to a Hybrid practice and elect to build a practice on Membership Revenue for Non-Covered Services and continue to bill the Commercial and Governmental Payers also. Either way, you can be sure Nexsys can make sure you get the most out of your medical billing, even if it only represents a small portion of your revenue to the practice. Keep in mind that if you are considering moving away from commercial payers, your patients have not. We can show you how this can be a benefit to you and your patients.

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Nexsys offers a full suite of credentialing services. We will provide credentialing services; including initial application and follow up processes for physician groups and solo providers. Services include CAQH Application, NPI Numbers, Medicare and Medicaid applications, ERA and EFT enrollment.