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IT Management

Jeff Robertson, CEO

  • The Nexsys IT Division was formed in response to the growing need for Information Technology Consultants within small and medium sized Practices. As smaller practices strive to be more competitive in the market place, the systems that are often required grow in complexity requiring more IT administration than ever. Finding that level of expertise and competency at a local level is growing increasingly difficult.

  • By allowing Nexsys to manage your network, you give the Practice’s staff a one-stop shop for network consulting questions and service. Our Network support plans help keep I.T. bills to a more manageable rate and guarantees an experienced and knowledgeable technician is on your side at all times.

  • Along with our IT Support; we also offer other services such as Remote HIPAA Compliant Data Backups to ensure your data and server are secure. It is required to have a copy of your data offsite at all times. We help with Virus’s, Network and Computer slowness, Ransomware, Phishing attacks, and assist your team with all Printing and Scanning issues as well as help to ensure your Network is as fast as possible.

  • Nexsys can help you to avoid being dependent on inexperienced local IT support that lacks deep understanding of what is required for Healthcare IT and what it takes to keep the Practice efficient and functioning at higher level.

  • Nexsys has developed a suite of IT solutions and technology to ensure that your infrastructure is operating at the highest level. With Nexsys in charge of your IT needs, you and your staff can do what you do best; grow your Practice and focus on Patients.


Bryan Glick, D.O., M.B.S

Integrative Health Institute Functional Medicine

"They provide excellent consulting and billing services. My staff works well with their billing personnel and their IT team is always available to us. Our needs are unique and our patients have high expectations for care and service, we needed a partner who could match that expectation. We found that at Nexsys. At times, I feel they are part of the staff at this office. I highly recommend them"

David Haase, M.D.

Maxwell Clinic - Functional Medicine

"Jeff, Julius, and Rey, it was so good to have all 3 of you in our space in Nashville and Clarksville. Each of you is remarkably talented and we are glad to be working together."

Ryan McWhorter, MD

Alabama Functional Medicine

"I love the solid answers and ultrafast response. They immediately felt like part of my team and were welcomed by my staff. IT, billing, payables, project lead and CEO all have been great. Nexsys has been everything they said they would be."

Wayne Dysinger &Cono Badalamenti, MD, MHSA

Lifestyle Medicine Solutions

"The Nexsys team has been outstanding at supporting us from a strategic perspective to be both efficient and effective in managing our growing practice. They are friendly, supportive and easily available. Equally important they are organized and help us to execute on key processes. We are happy to have them as a partner and recommend the Nexsys team highly."

Dr. Carrie Rose, MD.

The Wellness Lab

I cannot say enough about Jeff and his team! They were instrumental in helping me launch a small practice. I felt supported every step of the way in sorting through the complexities of managing the back end of medical practice. They are responsive, knowledgable and just a pleasure to work with. I found Jeff, in particular, to be a tremendous support to me in running my practice. He is always available for questions, provides great counsel, and is just a great person to have on your team. His experience and advice with the business aspects of a medical practice were invaluable to me. Highly recommend!!

William Rollow, MD

Director of Integrative Health at the University of Maryland

"I'd had a number of years of experience in directing an academic integrative medicine practice, and reached out to Jeff to talk about whether it would make sense to open one myself. Jeff was supportive, thoughtful, insightful, and enthusiastic and I am happy to say that as a result I went forward with it and now have had a successful first year”.

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